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Localized Fertilizer SulfurSystem




The Sulfur System Application is a device that can be attachable on any planter/ seed drill/ in-row fertilizer machines, for a precise cover fertilizer application by a sequence of fan-shaped spreader rows.
Individual attachable modules compose the Sulfur System Application, according to the agricultural equipment setting and aim. With the Sulfur System Application it’s possible to perform the cover fertilization simultaneously the planting or seeding operation, reducing or even eliminating the specific operation of soil fertilizer spreading, even for extremely lower dosage.
The Fertilizer Conductors (3) are adjustable, designed for several setting options, with angular (D) and length (F) adjustment, ending with a bifurcated outlet spout. Those features allow the best fertilizer deposition pattern according to the surface, straw presence, relief, compactors position in the planters, fertilizer physical characteristics, among other factors.


The Tank-modules (A and B) carry two or three FertiSystem ITS 5000 fertilizer distributors devices (1), according to the size and width of the planter, seed drill or in-row fertilizer machine chassis. For an easy setup, the couplers (C) are development with the appropriate shape, dimension and number, in order to get specific and perfect attachment for each brand and model of commercial planter, seed drill or in-row fertilizer machine.

What triggers the granular fertilizer distributors FertiSystem ITS 5000 are the electric motors (2), by a rotation that determines the fertilizer dosage applied. A cable and connections central is what controls the electric motors, and a screen monitor (FS Controller) installed at the tractor cab, operates this central.
The Sulfur System Application was developed, tested and approved in our NTF - FertiSystem Technological Center, a lab where prototypes are developed and engineering tests are performed. At CETEC FertiSystem, field trials were carried out, evaluating the spatial distribution of fertilizers and the operational efficiency of the equipment. Field trials demonstrated significant yields results when it was applied elemental sulfur (90% S) by Sulfur System Application.
In all tests, Sulfur System Application achieved its objective, being capable of applying precisely solid cover fertilizers at very low dosage, during planting operation.
The Sulfur System Application project was scientifically grounded by the innovative approach of fertilizer management practices adopted by the fertilizer industries around the world, taking into consideration that nutrient management is essential for the sustainability of agricultural systems.